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ICT Case Manager at University College Dublin

  1. University College Dublin
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  3. Ericsson Ireland
  1. University College Dublin
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University College Dublin

University College Dublin

ICT Commercialisation Manager

– Present

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Karl has 16 years of technology based education, experience, and knowledge that provides an in-depth background in computer science (B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D.), software (5 years), commercial experience with global communications and technology leaders and Irish early stage ventures, and business administration (Executive MBA).

Specialties: Research Commercialisation, Product Management, Communications, Process & Operations Management, Business Process Engineering, General Management & Competitive Strategy, Decision Making & Data Analysis, Marketing, Economic Policy, Financial Markets & Valuations, Corporate Financial Management, Management of IT projects.

Member of Licensing Executives Society Britain & Ireland.


ICT Commercialisation Manager

University College Dublin
– Present (1 year 3 months)Ireland

Karl is responsible for managing the identification, protection and commercialisation of University College Dublin research outputs within the ICT research area.

He is responsible for developing a strong network and Intellectual Property (IP) pipeline within ICT and ensuring that this IP, and the inventors/promoters, are best positioned for successful commercialisation. In positioning IP for a UCD spin-out, Karl supports the promoters in understanding the next stage(s) of investment and advises on potential sources of funding. Additionally, he manages the process of transferring valuable IP from UCD to the spin-out for the benefit of all parties in the new venture. In positioning IP for a licence to a 3rd party, Karl has a lead role in identifying, engaging, and negotiating with industry partners.

Commercialisation Specialist

University College Dublin
– Present (7 months)Ireland

As part of his ICT Commercialisation Manager role Karl co-developed and provided commercialisation expertise for UCD's first Sprint day in CleanWeb technologies with UCD Earth Institute.

A Sprint day provides researchers with a crash course in lean canvas and fast access to experts in branding, product management, finance, and commercialisation strategy. Researchers develop a 7 slide essential pitch-deck and presented to a panel of venture capital, multinational, and UCD experts for a prize totaling €1,000. Their learnings and pitch-decks allows each researcher to further validate their research with industry parties, consumers, and fellow academics.

Each of the Sprint participants continue to receive commercialisation support to understand what next steps are required in order to develop the research into commercial offering. Further Sprints are planned with UCD's Enterprise Development Manager and with different research schools/institutes in 2014.

Research Business Development

(1 year 5 months)Ireland

Research Business Development role in IBM Research - Ireland had responsibility for Intellectual Property development, engaging with potential clients, developing revenue generating opportunities, and progressing legal contracts and negotiation with prospective clients.

Secondary Communications Lead role was focused on gathering, developing, and transferring information internally and externally on research from both a scientific and commercial perspective.

Senior Commercial Development Associate

National Digital Research Centre
(3 years 3 months)

The National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) is an independent not-for-profit research centre dedicated to deriving marketplace value from innovative digital technology research.

Karl's initial role as Commercial Development Associate was to aid in the translation of research into commercially successful products (see LocalSocial). This required managing a software projects commercial focus by carrying out product management activities as well as product validations, market assessments, examining routes to market, developing business plans, assessing the best form of market entry vehicle, specifying organisation structures, and getting ready for investment (where applicable). The latter role of Senior Commercial Development Associate also had project steering and committee responsibilities, which included reporting to Executive (CEO, COO) and senior management (Project Operations) in relation to a project's operation status, issue resolution, and success factors.

While at NDRC, Karl was key in introducing and/or refining organisational operational processes including project financial metrics selection & analysis, intellectual property process definition, and development of valuation & pricing methodologies.

Senior Research Engineer, Patent Co-ordination & Development

Ericsson Ireland
(2 years 6 months)

As a Senior Research Engineer in Ericsson Ireland's research group Karl was contributed to European software based research projects (FP7), internal Ericsson research & software development (strong Semantic Web work), and developed patent applications. Karl has authored, or co-authored, nine successful patent applications (patent pending) in the field of telecommunications with Ericsson.

Karl's remit expanded to include the management of patent co-ordination and development for LMI Ericsson. This included capturing and developing patent processes, liaising with patent lawyers, and helping to select patents for filing. Karl was also a member of the patent board for Ericsson Ireland.

Ph.D. Researcher & Lecturer

Trinity College Dublin
(3 years)

Karl's Ph.D. research concerned the development of a software based trust management system that utilised a multi-faceted, personalisable, and specialisable model of trust for use in Internet environments. Semantic Web and Web Service technologies underpin much of the technical infrastructure.

The Ph.D. research was funded by a competitive scholarship from IRCSET and carried out at the Knowledge & Data Engineering Group in the Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, the University of Dublin. Karl's Ph.D. supervisors were Prof. Declan O'Sullivan, Dr. David Lewis, and Prof. Vincent P. Wade.

While at TCD Karl also provided occasional and repeat lectures to full-time and part-time under-graduate and post-graduate courses in computer security (cryptography), trust (online) and network management (SNMP).

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Opportunities Karl is looking for:

  • Joining a nonprofit board
  • Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting)

Causes Karl cares about:

  • Health
  • Science and Technology

Organizations Karl supports:

  • Right to Sight


  • Product Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Business Planning
  • Strategy
  • Business Analysis
  • Start-ups
  • Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Market Analysis



United States 13/120,872
Issued September 1, 2011

Geo-located advertisements built into the very text of an SMS message.


Provisioning of Content Items in Mobile Communications Networks(Link)

United States 13/120,755
Issued December 22, 2011

Social network (zero touch telco) and geo-location advertisement systems that offers social network based personalised and location specific targeting advertising on mobile devices.

Method, wireless telecommunications network and node for pre-adjusting transmission parameters of radio base station in advance of arrival of groups of mobile stations(Link)

United States 13/054,714
Issued August 20, 2013

Understand the movements of masses of people towards an event/location and optimise the telco network as those people travel their journey.


Europe WO2009121413
Issued January 18, 2011

A geolocated Internet cache to enable large congregations to get the same up to date information from the Web but with significantly less data communication in the telecom network



United States 12/936,363
Issued February 10, 2011

A semantically rich ontology based mechanism for network modelling to enable event/action representation and probability correlations.



Europe WO2009103776
Issued August 24, 2010

An apparatus and method for converting unified modeling language, UML, into Web ontology language.



University College Dublin

MBA (Executive), Business Administration and Management, General

MBA (Executive);

- General Management and Competitive Strategy
- Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
- Decision Making and Data Analysis
- Financial Reporting
- Performance Driven Marketing
- Prices and Markets
- Management Accounting
- Economic Policy and Business
- Financial Markets and Valuations
- Process and Operations Management
- Management of IT and IT Projects
- Corporate Financial Management
- Leadership in Organisations
- Global Strategic Management
- Business Law
- Strategies for Human Resources
- Strategy Implementation and Management of Change
- Managing Sales Relations
- Strategic Marketing
- Managing the Negotiations Process
- Leadership in Action

Trinity College, Dublin

Ph.D., Trust in Internet Environments

Karl won a postgraduate research scholarship from IRCSET and joined the Knowledge & Data Engineering Group (KDEG) in October 2003. He submitted his Ph.D. thesis in September 2006, passed his Viva in May 2007, submitted the final Ph.D. thesis in July 2007, and graduated on 16th November 2007.

Activities and Societies: Dublin University Rugby Club, KDEG Football, Tennis, Softball

Trinity College, Dublin

M.Sc., Computer Networks & Distributed Systems

In September 2003 Karl successfully completed his M.Sc. in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (NDS) at Trinity College.

Dublin Institute of Technology

Computer Science & Software Engineering, Computer Science

- First Class Honours, conferred by Trinity College Dublin.

Honors & Awards

Postgraduate Research Scholarship from Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology (IRCSET).

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